Individual cutting on creel and canter line with the latest technology.
Extremely gentle drying of all types of sawn timber at a maximum of 40-50 °C.
Planing and profiling in all variations.
Exact cutting or trimming.
Vacuum pressure treatment & dipping process according to DIN on a salt basis up to 16m in length and 3m in diameter.

Vacuum pressure treatment & dipping process

To protect built-in wood of all kinds, inside and outside, for wood with soil and water contact, especially for wood in gardening and landscaping, for playground equipment, posts, palisades, fences, decking and much more.

possible shades:

  • green
  • brown

CTB approval for France EPA approval for USA Sirex approval for China and Australia.

Plunge Pool Impregnation

Blue stain and mildew protection. For preventive protection against wood-destroying fungi, termites and insects.

possible shades:

  • yellow
  • colorless

planing mill

In our planing plant, the sawn timber is planed to individual profiles and dimensions according to customer requirements.

wood drying

With our modern drying chambers, your wood is dried exactly to the desired moisture content.

The wood can be treated according to the ISPM 15 guidelines with the recognized treatment processes for IPPC dried for export.  

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