wood protection

Boiler pressure impregnations

The wood preservative is introduced into the wood by means of a vacuum and pressure. First, a vacuum is created in the cell cavities and the air inside is removed, creating space for the wood preservative, which is then injected into the wood at high pressure. Possible color tones in the boiler printing process:
  • green
  • brown

The impregnation is carried out with certified and Europe-approved salts such as impralit®-KDS and wolmanite® CX-8. The products are suitable for protecting built-in wood of all kinds, inside and out, for wood that comes into contact with soil and water, especially for wood in gardening and landscaping, for playground equipment, posts, palisades, fences, decking and much more.

Boiler pressure impregnation according to DIN on a salt basis up to to 16 meters in length and 3 meters in diameter.

plunge pool impregnations

Possible color shades in the plunge pool impregnation:

  • yellow
  • colorless

Blue stain and mildew protection. For preventive protection against wood-destroying fungi, termites and insects.

It is used to protect wood for indoor and outdoor use, but without ground contact. Typical areas of application are external cladding, balcony cladding, construction timber or pergolas. Plunge pool impregnation according to DIN up to 12 meters in length.

new dimension in wood protection

Durable wood protection. Wood is versatile and popular as a building material.

Outside, however, wood is exposed to the weather and the risk of fungal and insect infestation. With our boiler pressure impregnations, we achieve permanent protection here. The innovative wood protection salts that we use work excellently, fix quickly and offer protection for your wood, but also for our environment.

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