The sawmill in the Black Forest of the Heinzelmann company is located in the heart of a wood-rich region with the best qualities. From here we deliver all over the world.


Our quality products can be sent by any route thanks to optimized logistics. Thanks to many years of experience in the international sawn timber market and excellent contacts in our industry, we are your partner in quality timber for the national and international market.

Transport options:

truck, ship, train


There is a wide variety of weather conditions and pests in the world. Thanks to our decades of experience in boiler pressure impregnation, we protect your wood in the best possible way for your intended use. The impregnation is carried out with certified and Europe-approved salts such as impralit®-KDS and wolmanite® CX-8. The products are suitable for protecting built-in wood of all kinds, inside and out, for wood that comes into contact with soil and water, especially for wood in gardening and landscaping, for playground equipment, posts, palisades, fences, decking and much more. Vacuum pressure treatment & dipping process according to DIN based on salt up to 16 meters in length and 3 meters in diameter. The innovative wood preservative salts have an excellent effect, fix quickly and offer a optimal protection for your wood and our environment.  


We mainly buy our logs within a radius of 50 km. In 1999 we were one of the first companies to be awarded the international FSC seal of approval® were awarded.

Of course, we not only assume regional responsibility for our beautiful nature in the Black Forest, but also for our fellow human beings. We supply more than 400 households with renewable energy through our hydropower and photovoltaic systems. This is not only good for the region, but for everyone.

We also support our local clubs that are committed to our youth and our region.